Infogroep CTF 2021

When and where?

The CTF will take place in the Nelson Mandela hall at the VUB on November 17th 2021 from 17h to 21h. The contest will be followed by a reception. We will provide snacks and drinks, but you may also order food to the venue.

Keep in mind you will need to be present at the venue to participate.

What is a CTF?

A Capture The Flag is a competition where different teams solve cyber security related challenges. Every challenge is worth a number of points depending on its difficulty. The goal of every challenge is to find the hidden flag. This CTF will feature different kinds of challenges, such as challenges related to cryptography, steganography, forensics, ... We aim to make this a beginner friendly CTF, so prior knowledge on cyber security should not be necessary.


Every participant needs to be part of a team. A team can contain up to four participants. You can join an existing team or create a new team. Of course, there is no problem with participating solo, but you still have to create a team.

You can also have a look at our rules.